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RG/2 Claims is a boutique class action claims administration firm with a nationwide presence founded by seasoned class action practitioners and highly credentialed tax professionals. Our leadership team has a collective 100 years’ experience working in the field of class action litigation and settlement administration to leverage for the benefit of counsel. Our team of driven class action attorneys, highly credentialed CPAs and forensic accountants approach each matter with a personal goal to shepherd the settlement through the process from settlement negotiations through final approval. Our personal attention and care ensures that the administration is handled in a seamless manner that allows counsel to proceed with the knowledge and confidence that their settlement will receive the attention and care that they demand. In addition, our operations and IT personnel bring individualized innovations to each engagement, driving the notice and settlement administration to conclusion. We have the experience to handle large settlements with the personal attention and care expected from a boutique firm.

RG/2 Claims recognizes that cutting edge technology is the key to efficient and reliable claim processing. Our IT Group, including an experienced web design team, enables RG/2 Claims to employ technologies used to enhance accuracy, efficiency and interaction of all participants in the claims process. Our approach focuses on analysis of case needs, development of solutions to maximize resources and reduce costs through accurate and efficient data collection and entry, and ongoing maintenance and support. Throughout the entire claims process, our goal is to (1) optimize completeness, accuracy and efficiency of the data management system, including online integration; (2) validate critical fields and data; and (3) track opt-outs and claimant responses. RG/2 Claims’ proprietary database application provides a single source for managing the entire claims administration process and expediting decision making and resource management. From the initial mailing through distribution of settlement funds and reconciliation of distributed payments, RG/2 Claims’ CLEVerPay® system centralizes data, facilitating information sharing and efficient communication.

While IT is at the heart of our operations, our people are our soul. RG/2 Claims’ management team has hands-on experience in both class action practice and settlement administration. Our combined access to resources and institutions allows us to deliver superior value-added service in all aspects of settlement administration.

What Distinguishes RG/2 Claims

Personalized Attention – We believe effective administration requires personalized attention, proactive planning and precise execution. While others claim to provide exceptional service and personal attention, RG/2 Claims delivers both.

Resources and Versatility – When you engage RG/2 Claims, we deploy our entire team and network of resources, drawing upon the experience and versatility of our professionals, our integrated multidisciplinary approach and the efficient interaction between our lawyers, certified public accountants, certified fraud examiners, financial consultants and analysts.

Cutting-Edge Technology – RG/2 Claims uses its proprietary and customizable CLEVerPay® technology to offer flexible decision making and unparalleled resource management, as well as real-time updates and reporting. CLEVerPay® is an advanced technology single-source solution that centralizes settlement administration from notification to distribution and reconciliation.

Class Action Expertise – Our team has hands-on experience in both class action litigation and settlement administration. Our unique blend of in-house expertise allows us to deliver superior value-added service in all aspects of settlement administration and of every type, size and scope.

At RG/2 Claims, our dedicated team will work to ensure all aspects of the case are completed in the most efficient manner possible and adhere to all rules and guidelines.

RG/2 Claims can offer guidance in the early drafting stages of any action to include: the best way to provide notice to the Class; mailing of any necessary CAFA notices; the layout of the notice and claim; assistance with any applicable plan of allocation; and whether the timing of various deadlines through the process make sense.


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