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The CLEVerPay® System: A proprietary and revolutionary application developed exclusively by RG/2 Claims Administration

At RG/2 Claims Administration, we developed a proprietary and customizable database with the goal of providing single source management throughout the claims administration process, expediting decision-making and resource management.

From the initial mailing through distribution of settlement funds and reconciliation of distributed payments, RG/2 Claims’ CLEVerPay® system centralizes the entire process while providing information sharing and communications solutions.

Our CLEVerPay® system, is a robust and user-friendly resource, can be easily customized to meet your administration and distribution needs. We recognize how essential it is for data to be clean, centralized and readily accessible. RG/2 Claims’ CLEVerPay® system has the capacity to assimilate and analyze large amounts of raw data from multiple inputs, to convert that raw data into useful information and to distribute the useful information in a variety of formats.

The integration of these elements results in timely and accurate distribution of secure payments generated from RG/2 Claims’ single-source CLEVerPay® system.

For more information download our CLEVerPay® System Datasheet.